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A well-designed swimming pool is an inviting centrepiece that turns your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis. It’s a relaxing space for your family, a perfect setting for a barbecue with friends and investment that adds value to your home.

However, it is best if you kept it in a luxurious condition to enjoy these and more benefits. That means you should know your pool and have a proper maintenance routine throughout the year.

You won’t want to lay on a bunch of green water with algae and broken filters. However, a pool can succumb to that level if you don’t maintain it regularly.

The article will help you to know your pool and how to maintain it.

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Know Your Pool

Proper maintenance of your pool starts with understanding it. Thus, having basic knowledge about your pool will help you to keep everything running smoothly. There are four components of your pool that you should firmly grasp.

Pool Interior: It consists of walls of the pool that are always in contact with water. It should be kept free of debris, mould, and algae.

Pool Water: The water should be kept clean and balanced to avoid pollutants and contaminants.

Pool Filter System: It’s the heart and liver of your pool. The pump is responsible for the water circulation while the filter clears any contaminants and dirt from your pool. Therefore, having a faulty pool filter system means cloudy and polluted water.

There are different filter systems that you can install in your pool. They include; sand filter, cartridge filter, diatomaceous earth filter, or saltwater chlorinator if your water is salty. You can contact Echuca Pool Service for more advice and suggestions.

Pool Skimmers and Returns: These are the veins and arteries of your pool. The skimmers pull water from the pool into the filter to be cleaned. The returns do the opposite; it pushes the cleaned water into the pool. Thus, the skimmers and returns work best when free of obstructions.

Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

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1. Skim and Scrub Regularly

Use a leaf rake or a pool net to remove debris and leaves from the water surface every day to keep it clean and clear. Scrub the bottom and walls of the pool once a week to prevent any buildup of algae.

A robot vacuum is an excellent tool for scrubbing the bottom of your pool. More so, you can use chlorine to remove those stubborn stains before scrubbing.

2. Clean the Filter Basket

As stated, the filter system is the kidney of your pool. Thus, it’s responsible for removing leaves, dirt, and small objects like toys from the pool. Clean the filter every week by turning off the water, remove the filter cap, and lift out the litter basket. Empty all debris and replace it.

You should also clean the filter system pipes every month. This can be done by setting your filter to backwash, as well as remove and empty leaf basket. The pump will push out dirty water from the pipes when you turn it on.

More so, you can put the filter on an automatic mode where the timer goes on and off at least six hours a day instead of turning it on and off regularly.

3. Balance the Chemical Levels

You should maintain the chemical levels of your pool balanced throughout the year. Bacteria thrive in improperly balanced water. For that reason, you should ensure that the water PH level is between 7.5 and 7.8 at all times.

This will prevent the pool equipment from getting eroded and minimize skin irritation. Maintain the calcium level at 220-350 to prevent plaster damage. On the other hand, you can have lower levels in pools with vinyl siding.

Contact Echuca Pool Service for water testing and more suggestions on how you can maintain the appropriate chemical balance.

4. Shock Your Pool If It Gets Cloudy

Just like a public pool, a private pool can get murky after a big bash. Therefore, you should get rid of the bacteria that is causing that murkiness.

Shocking a pool means raising the level of chlorine kill bacteria. The process can be done two times every season to avoid damaging the sides of your pool.

5. Maintain your Pool’s Water Level

The pool water level will always fluctuate due to heavy rainstorms, heat, or when your kids play in the pool.

You should add water into the pool using a garden hose when it gets low or uses a submersible pump to drain excess water. On the other hand, you can consult Echuca Pool Service if your pool is made of fibreglass and vinyl material.

Always check the chemical level every time you add or remove excess water from your pool.

6. Keep the Pool Deck Clean

You should keep the surrounding areas clean, just like the inside parts of the pool. This can be done with a power washer. Power washing or pressure washing clean the weather stains and dust around the pool.

Remove the leaves and dirt first before the cleaning process to avoid scattering them all over the place. Use the power washer to remove the stubborn stains and debris in the layers. You can hire this machine from Echuca Pool Service.

7. Remove Oils from the Pool

The water gets contaminated with hair products, suntan lotion, or natural oils from your skin every time you get into the pool. The tennis ball is the appropriate tool to get rid of these for oil sticks on its fibres, thus removing the slick sheen settling at the top of the water.

8. Protect the Pool throughout the Seasons

Most of the pool maintenance practices are done during the summer season. However, you should protect your pool throughout the year. For instance, you can winterize the pool to minimize any damages during the wet season.

You should test the water levels at the end of the fall before covering it.

9. Substitute the Pool Chemicals with Baking Soda

Baking soda can be an excellent alternative to the pool chemicals, which are quite expensive. You should use sodium bicarbonate solutions to control your pool alkalinity. You can also achieve this with regular baking powder.

The two compounds have equal sodium bicarbonate concentration, and hence, you should add the same amount of baking powder as you would have used in the ready solutions.

10. Have a Yearly Service Appointment

The pumps, heating systems, filter systems, and walls should be checked by an expert at least once every year. Compile a list of any leaks, smells, and other issues you might have seen in the pool and forward them to the expert.

Early detection and fixing of a minute problem will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.


Keeping your pool clean and in good shape requires time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Incorporate the above ten maintenance tips into your regular cleaning routine, and you will enjoy your sunbathing in a clean pool.

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