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Sand Filter Change

Echuca Pool Service sand filter change job completed

Sand filters are popular devices installed for use in pools in Echuca. Essentially how they work is this; water cycles through the canister that contains the sand. Water flows smoothly through sand, this is where the sand is able to capture and hold the larger particles unable to pass. There are many benefits of this system as it can be left unchanged for up to five years. Even after the five-year timeline, the system is not left ineffective but simply less efficient.  Your filter deserves to be taken care of by highly trained professionals who have worked with the system for years. Y


Choosing the sand filter comes with benefits. One benefit labelled above is the periodic need for a change of sand. The lifespan of the filter between changes is up to five years. The sand still performs its job past this date but does run at a lower efficiency. To be able to better protect your investment of the pool and keep your filter working with good efficiency we recommend staying within the five-year timeline outlined. Our technical professionals are trained to efficiently and effectively clean and change the sand filter system in preparation for the high use season ahead.

How does It work?

What the sand filter fundamentally does is remove the dirt and organic matter that flows through the water as it is pushed through the substance. The sand filter is not a replacement for the swimming pool pump. To keep the best condition of your pool you will need both to make sure water runs clear. Having clear and beautiful water in your pool is a sign of a healthy swimming arena. To have your pool water unsoiled and fresh goes a long way when potential swimmers are looking at jumping in and having a good time.

What size do you need?

Your pool professional should assess the size of filter needed after consultation. A good rule of thumb that is usually optimal is for every 100sqft of filter surface area per 10000 gallons of pool water. There are always exceptions to this rule and we recommend consultation with your pool team before any pump is installed. To change the sand filter the proper amount of fresh sand should be infused back to the filter. Call our customer service team for more information or to book your consultation today.

Too Much Sand

The sand bed will be above the point where the tank starts to taper means it will behave like a smaller filter requiring more frequent backwashing causing higher resistance to flow. If sand levels reach a high enough could make way back to the returns. This is not a good outcome for a sand filter change. Unfortunately, it does happen and if there is too much sand replaced in the filter system there are consequences. Having a professional on your side who is able to properly assess the quantity of sand needed for the change is beneficial.