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Regular Pool Servicing

Echuca Pool Services' regular pool servicing done on a nice looking outdoor pool

Pools that do not receive the proper amount of attention and cleaning service can suffer from an influx of bacteria, algae and another organic buildup. To maintain and preserve your pool a partnership with EPS is the perfect solution. We are confident that the regular servicing will enhance the clarity of the water in your pool and balance the pH levels of the water your friends and family swim in. The increase of pH or absence can cause a list of problems that can cause health concerns to swimmers. Be able to swim confidently knowing that your water is balanced, hazards are reduced and the value of your pool is maintained.

Water Balanced

Water balancing is done through sanitizing, shocking and maintaining the alkaline and pH levels in the water. The importance of this service is not minimal as a heightened pH level can cause skin irritation and low acidity can result in cloudy water. You surely want your guests and family to be comfortable while using the pool on your property. The best way to knowingly provide this is a weekly, monthly or otherwise scheduled servicing.

Reduce Hazards

Organic matter can pose a hazard when concentrated in the pool. Regular pool servicing will dissipate the organic matter and reduce hazards. Surely, safety is important to us all and when inviting guests to our homes we want to host a safe space. Completely eliminating hazards can be hard however when you schedule regular servicing you can drastically reduce these hazards to a safe level. Our talented and dedicated staff at EPS has gone through extensive training to be able to ensure you the best service possible. We regularly add new training to our schedules so we are confidently able to say that you will receive the best and highest level of service.

Maintain Value Of the Pool

Pools are not a dime a dozen, the construction process can be expensive so maintaining the investment on your property is important. When your pool is not balanced and maintained the lining of the pool can deteriorate. The lining of the pool cannot be replaced solely. The process is expensive and extensive to repair the damage caused by ill care. The monetary value your pool adds to the property can be substantial and to maintain this the best way through regular services.


Regular pool services affect the hygiene of the pool water by balancing the pH and destructing all bacteria through the process. Ensure all the possible algae and bacteria has been eliminated and that the water you and your guests are swimming in is safe and clear. We offer periodic or recurring pool servicing to suit your lifestyle no matter the frequency needed. We have multiple different services available in the regular servicing including; water balancing, filter cleaning, vacuuming and so much more. Having your pool in continuous working order can give you a breath of relief. Let the professionals at Echuca pool service give you your summer back.