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There are different parts of a pool beside the section holding water or the pool itself. Pool deck or patio holds furniture that you use when you step out of the water. It’s the classic part of the pool, for you can use your creativity to enhance its appearance. 

When building and designing this area, the materials matter because it should be inviting, stylish, non-slip, and well-constructed. It should be a perfect place for your family and friends to have fun. To achieve this, you can use the best pool paving Echuca has.  

The article will provide you with details about paving the deck.

Pool decking done in Echuca with wood deck

The Difference between the Decking and the Pool Coping 

There are several different parts in a pool. The most common are pool decking and coping. Many homeowners consider the two parts as one, although they are different. 

The coping is the cap or the section around the edge of your pool. It’s the 12 inches part between the pool itself and the decking.  

On the other hand, pool decking is the larger area that accommodates your furniture and chairs. The decking allows you to use your creativity to design a unique look around the pool. You can use the best pool paving Echuca has to enhance the entire poolscape.  

Pool Deck Remodeling  

A poolside that look boring, outdated, and uninspired can be remodelled easily and affordably to give it an exciting, fresh look. Remodelling your deck will uplift the entire outdoor living area, as well as the poolscape. 

Thus, instead of changing your pool shape, you can remodel the decking, which is relatively inexpensive and fast. 

Pool Decking Materials 

The decking area offers you a lot of flexibility in design; thus, you have a wide range of pool paving Echuca’s suppliers can offer. The following are some of the best materials for your decking area.  


These are clean, elegant pool paving Echuca has, and the material is easy to work with. There are two types of tiles, namely glazed and unglazed. The unglazed tiles are the best option for your decking because they are more slip-resistant and durable.   

There are different shapes, sizes, and colours that you can use to create a unique look around your pool. There are also individual tiles that resemble brick, stone, wood, and marble. 

Tiles are the easiest and quickest materials to install on your deck. They are set on concrete and have grout lines that you can also use to enhance the appearance of your pool area. 

Further, some tiles have self-adhesive, which helps them stick onto any surface, including wood, concrete, or bare ground. Thus you can use tiles to expand the size of the existing deck. 


Another pool paving Echuca has poured concrete. It’s a popular decking material because it’s affordable and offers either stamped or broom finish. The broom finishing gives you a standard concrete look with different colour options.  

Stamped concrete is created to resemble other materials such as tile, stone, and brick. This option is expensive as compared to broom finishing but cheaper than stone.  

Concrete pavers have restricted by climate, for they are not the best pool paving materials for the cold weather. It tends to crack as a result of freeze and thaw cycles. Today, concrete is the big pool paving Echuca.  

Natural Stone 

Stone is the most durable, stylish, affordable pool paving Echuca has. It’s perfect for pools in all climates. There are different types of natural stones such as marble, limestone, slate, travertine, and granite. These materials have different patterns, sizes, shapes, and colours. 

These deck paving materials can be used on waterfalls and boulders because they are attractive, offer timeless, natural appearance, and blend well with any architectural style. 

Stones require less to nil maintenance, have natural friction, thus increasing the poolside’s safety.  Although natural stones are expensive, their stylish look and durability make this decking material worthwhile. They offer both design and quality that is hard to beat.  

Photo of our pool decking job done in Echuca with wood deck

Another popular decking material is wood. It gives your deck a beautiful, natural appearance, can be constructed off the ground, thus ideal for irregularly-shaped landscapes. 

One of the challenges that you will encounter when you build your deck with wood is that it requires essential preventative maintenance. It requires regular staining and sealing to prevent damages and loss of colour. This can be costly when you have a large deck.  

Composite Wood 

As stated, wood is one of the best pool paving Echuca has; however, it has maintenance intensive. Still, you can have a wood-like look without installing timber.   

Composite wood is a perfect solution, for it gives your decking a look that resembles that of wood, but it’s made from synthetic. 

The material doesn’t require any maintenance, for it doesn’t fade, rot, and splinter even after years of consistent exposure to water and sun. Additionally, composite wood offers you a real wood-like feel and look. 

Composite wood is available in different colours; however, it’s costly compared to traditional wood. 


These are bricks made of stone or concrete, placed on top of sand or stone base, and arranged to form an interlocking pattern. You have to cure traditional concrete before laying the pavers and to prevent cracking later on.  

One advantage of these pool paving Echuca has is that they can be easily replaced and removed. Further, they are the easiest and cheapest poolside materials. They also offer different design options because they are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours.   

Final Thoughts 

The pool deck is a vital element in your pool, for it influences the look and safety of the entire poolscape. There are different materials that you can use to enhance the appearance of the deck of your pool.  

To learn more about these materials, you can contact Echuca Pool Service at 0491 768 707 or email at for more information. The experts will install or remodel your pool deck at a reasonable price and time. 

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