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Garden pool we finished in Echuca

Having a home pool can have many benefits, especially those who can afford its cost and maintenance. Pools also require a significant amount of space, so when you are thinking about owning a pool, you need to look at your options so you can plan your budget ahead of your project.

Swimming pools add value to our home, and there are plenty of options for homeowners to choose from depending on their budget, use, location and space. Residential swimming pools are often classified as an above-ground or an in-ground pool and are usually built with concrete, soft wall materials, and fibreglass.

Types of Residential Pools

Modern pool design on a new house in Echuca we completed

There are generally three types of residential based on construction materials that homeowners can choose. The type of pool can depend on their budget, size, and type of ground. Each type of pool material has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl Liner Pools are one of the most popular types of residential pools available because it’s cheaper to install and maintain compared to other types of pool. They are also relatively easy to install and can take as early as 4-8 weeks to install. Vinyl liner pools from the name itself are made up of vinyl sheet that is installed on a rigid pool structure. Vinyl pools are incredibly durable and flexible.

2. Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools are one of the expensive choices when it comes to residential pools. The advantages of concrete pools are that they can be customised according to the needs of your home. They are perfect for several different ground types which makes a versatile option for most homeowners. It considerably takes longer to install because they also need the concrete to set and cure. Concrete pool requires specialised knowledge in pool construction since concrete is prone to cracking when improperly mixed.

3. Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools are the middle ground between vinyl pools and concrete pools. They are much more expensive than vinyl pools but are considerably cheaper than concrete pools. Fibreglass pools are also relatively easy to install and are shipped prebuild and fabricated directly to customer’s houses. Fibreglass pools are also easy to maintain compared to vinyl pools that require a new protective contain every five years.

Home Pool Maintenance

Homeowners should also consider the maintenance cost of owning a pool. Proper pool maintenance can help prolong the life of your residential pools and help reduce the risk of getting an expensive repair bill due to damage from looking worn out due to weathering. Fortunately for homeowners in Echuca, pool maintenance services for your fibreglass pool or other types of the residential pool is readily available. Echuca Pool Service provides all kinds of pool services for your home pool needs.

Echuca Pool Maintenance Services
1. Pool Maintenance

Echuca Pool Maintenance provides pool maintenance services for your fibreglass pools and other types of home pools. Pool maintenance is essential because it helps prolong the life of your pool. Pool maintenance also helps replace or repair worn out parts of your pool before they develop into bigger and costlier problems.

2. Pool Cleaning

Your fibreglass pool requires regular cleaning to help keep it looking in tip-top shape. This is true for other types of residential pools like concrete pools and vinyl pools. Regular cleaning is needed especially for pools that are near trees and vegetation. Too many leaves in your pool can clog your filtration system, costing you more money to change the water and replace your pool earlier than usual. Pool cleaning is also essential to help keep your water clear and to ensure that they don’t contain harmful bacteria.

3. Sand Filter Change

Sand Filters help remove organic material and sediment from your pool water. Too much organic material can contaminate your pool water which may cause it to become unsanitary and unhealthy which can lead to skin rashes, and allergies Sand filters collect dirt, debris and organic material over time causing them to clog so a regular check-up is necessary to ensure that they are functioning efficiently and optimally. The sand filter requires frequent replacement as they lose their cleaning abilities overtime. Typically sand filter requires replacement at least once in every five years.

4. Pool Water Balancing

Pool water is a concoction of water and chemicals to help kill waterborne bacteria and viruses. It needs to be regularly checked to ensure that they are potent enough to kill the bacteria but safe enough for skin contact without causing rashes. Echuca Pool Maintenance services help check the pool water balance to ensure that the water is in safe levels. Pool Water Balancing helps maintain the alkaline and ph level stays within safe levels.

5. Equipment Service and Repairs

Echuca Pool Maintenance provides equipment service and repairs for your fibreglass pools and other types of residential pools. We carry a full range of equipment ranging from chlorinators, pool pumps, filters and pool heating equipment. We help you identify the best type of pool equipment for your example of a pool. Pool pumps help circulate the water in your pool at the same time, feed the pool water to filters that remove organic matter from the water.

Chlorinators are also crucial because they help balance the chlorine levels in your fibreglass to pool to ensure that they are within safe levels. Pool heaters also help regulate the water temperature of your pool, ensuring that they stay within comfortable levels, especially during the night where temperatures are more relaxed.

If you’re on a budget and just need a regular-sized rectangular pool, then fibreglass pools are the perfect fit. They can be quickly installed to your house with minimal disruptions to your day to day activities. They also cost less upfront and also require the least to maintain over time compared to other types of pools. We strongly recommend that you contact a professional pool contractor to service and maintain your pool to ensure only the highest quality workmanship.

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