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Equipment Service And Repairs

Echuca pool maintenance services equipment

An accompanying service we have specialized in is the timely service and repair should you require it. We have a designated service and repair team able to respond quickly to your needs. We have made this available to residential and commercial pool operations. We understand that the equipment is intricate and if something can go wrong, oftentimes it will. We commit to being there for our customers when they require us the most. Fortunately, we carry several parts at our local office with an inventory of required parts should they be necessary. We aim to be proactive when dealing with our customers however should there be a delay our team of experts will expedite the service to get the job done in a timely manner.


Of all the different types of equipment involved in a pools health, there is no overwhelming favourite or one more important than the rest. They are all simply a collection of working systems that work hand in hand to deliver a clean circulation of water in your pool. However, a chlorinator has a very important role in this intricate process. What it does is, it delivers a form of sanitizer to the water in a very measured and orderly manner. They do this with either tablets or sticks to slowly disperse throughout the water. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to diagnose a problem with your chlorinator should there be a problem with chlorine levels in your pool. Let us handle the regular maintenance of your pool and never run into a chlorine issue again!

Pool Pumps

Your pool's pump is what is found in your pool shed or back room. It general consist of an electric motor, a diffuser, strainer and an impeller. A description of how the pump actually works is complicated and frankly un-necessary for our customers. However should you be curious, we would be happy to provide a detail consultation for you on how your specific pump works and the whereabouts of its core functions. Pool pumps can vary in sizes and power. Often a replacement pump may be necessary if your pump has a malfunction, and in which case the replacement pump must be matched to your pool filter size. The replacement of an incorrectly sized pump may cause problems in the future regarding your pool. Allow our team to come to diagnose your pools pump and service it appropriately.


Sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters are all systems that our team is able to repair. Nothing lasts forever and when it breaks down you want a knowledgeable team on your side to rectify any mechanical issues. Keeping your filter in working order is important to the health of your water and the clarity that swimmers see. Regular servicing can curb the need for a repair or replacement and elongate the life of your filters. Having a team on your side to fairly and effectively service your filters is beneficial for anyone who has a pool on their property.

Pool Heating

For those of us with heated pools, we require another type of servicing and repairs. Heated pools have an extra piece of machinery working hard to maintain or raise the temperature of a pool of water. This can be exhausting work and cause the machine to have issues eventually. A regular servicing of your pool heating system will keep your investment in working order and hold the value associated with your pool. Call us today to book your pool heating servicing or repair and our experts will be on their way to help.