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Pool Maintenance

Echuca Pool Service pool maintenance done with cleaning services tools

The maintenance and care for the water in your pool is fundamental to keeping your pool safe and swimmable for all, including the sustainability for your pool and the equipment that accompanies it. Many believe that the maintenance of a pool is something they can easily undertake themselves. The reality is that yes some people can, however, you must first understand the financial and time commitment you are making. A pool requires the undertaking of very frequent cleaning and supervision. The handling of chemical components is also an important aspect to grasp which requires lots of prior knowledge of how to balance the required substances. Let your team take that burden off of your hands and simply focus on enjoying your pool. Talk to one of our customer service agents today to find out how we can make the transition easy for you.


The time of year and the surrounding climate has a significant impact on the cleaning and maintenance of any pool. Cleaning requirements will fluctuate and the need for chemical substances will vary as climates change. A primary concern, our team shares, is that when a pool is not cleaned regularly or routinely, a pool can quickly develop algae and or bacteria rapidly. The last thing you want is you, your friends and your family swimming in what seems to be a clean pool but yet is a hotbed for algae and bacteria. To avoid this, our team obviously offers a very effective cleaning service or you can simply undergo weekly brushing and vacuuming of your pool to remove debris build-up together with proper chemical treatment.


The testing of a pool is paramount to understand the different flows and needs of your specific pool. The frequency we recommend is around 2-3 times per week. This will ensure an accurate understanding and balancing of all chemicals that are required to keep your pool safe. There is a science and technology behind every pool, which requires time and attention. Our team has the resources and knowledge to properly make sure your pool is tended to throughout the entire year. Regardless of the season or usage, our team commits to taking care of all aspects regarding the health of your pool.


Upon installation of your pool, any pool owner should have an understanding as to the technology, supplies and equipment needed in operating a pool. An instruction manual should always be carried within the back room and referred to whenever you may have questions or concerns. The equipment expected to accompany any pool should be a pump, filters, a heater, a chlorinator, a skimmer and a pool return. Each of these works together in a methodical and intricate way to ensure proper clean circulation whilst preventing bacteria build up in your pool.


A major contributor to the general health and safety of any pool within our community is the time it takes to tend to a pools needs. The frequency does vary with any pool due to its location, size and general usage. Our team operate and service thousands of pools in our area every week. Allow us to undertake the responsibility of proper maintenance of your pool and thereby allowing you to simply enjoy your beautiful pool!