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Pool Cleaning

Echuca Pool Service Pool cleaning job done with a man putting vacuum under water

Pools are vessels for family, friends and loved ones to gather and enjoy your summertime. Pools, unfortunately, do not keep themselves clean. They collect leafs debris and anything else the wind sweeps in. To keep your asset a shiny clean and appealing to potential swimmers, you will want to keep up in pool maintenance. Pool cleaning is something that we are able to help with. Whether the schedule is regular or on-call you decide! Echuca pool service caters to your needs and services your pool and family with respect, efficiency and quality.


Cleaning the pump and maintaining that the device is in proper working order is important when elongating the life of your pump. There is not always time in the day to get through the activities you enjoy participating in. If this is your case, there is no need to spent extra time going through the cleaning of your pool pump instead call Echuca Pool Service. We will thoroughly clean the pump and prepare your pool for a fun and exhilarating season of pool use. Pressure pumps essentially work to help circulate the water in the body of the pool to keep the water sparkling and fit.

Periodic Cleaning

If you do not require a recurring schedule for your pool cleaning services than our periodic cleaning service is the solution for you. You are able to decipher when a deep clean is needed and call in our pool-cleaning experts to intensely clean the pump, filters and basin of the pool. If you are preparing for the beginning of the summer season then a call to EPS could be beneficial to remove any remaining organic matter in the pool before heavy use. Another opportune time to call and schedule a clean is the end of high-use. When your pool is going to go into hibernation, there is no better company in town to set your pool up for the coming no use months.


There are multiple styles of filters available for consumers when the pool filter is concerned. The sand filter is a popular choice with homeowners in Echuca but there are also cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth filter systems in place. To clean any of these systems is messy and time-consuming. Let the professionals at deeply clean any system in place in your pool with care and quality results and save yourself the headache.

Recurring Cleanings

Summer is better spent outside and not working to clean a pool meant for fun. Let our handpicked team pick up the slack and have your pool sparkling and ready for use at any time. Recurring cleaning is a service we provide to help keep your family in the pool having fun. Nobody wants to swim in muddy water with organic waste floating around, and with recurring cleanings, with EPS there is no need to swim in imperfect water.