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It’s crucial to plan before adding a pool in your home. You need to establish a budget, evaluate different pools to determine which is suitable for your property as well as hire a reputable pool builder. 

Some of the big pools are concrete pool, fibreglass pool, or vinyl liner pool. Experts recommend concrete pool to homeowners who wants larger pools because fibreglass pool can’t meet this requirement. 

A vinyl liner pool is an excellent choice for homeowners working with a limited budget. However, Echuca fibreglass swimming pools are the standard choice for the majority of homeowners.    

Fibreglass pools are unique; however building one may present some unique challenges; therefore, you need to take into consideration the following factors.  

Design and construction of pool we completed in Echuca


The process of pool installation begins with a budget. Thus, you have to consider the price of the inground pool in the market. Some of the expenses to consider are the initial purchase price of the structure and the maintenance cost linked to the pool. 

In the case of Echuca fibreglass swimming pool, you have to consider the initial price of the pool, its accessories, installation, landscaping and the lifetime cost of maintenance cost. 


The swimming pool industry accepts the fact that Echuca fibreglass swimming pools are natural to maintain than concrete pools. Pools are generally cleaned every week to prevent the buildup of moulds and germ. Further, you have to test the water pH regularly to avoid skin irritation when you swim in contaminated water. 

The Echuca fibreglass swimming pool is made of smooth Gelcoat and algae resistant. Thus, you don’t have to clean the pool surface every week, and it eliminates the use of strong chemicals to kill algae as it is with concrete pools.  

More so, the fibreglass material doesn’t affect the water chemistry; thus, the pool’s pH is maintained at a suitable level for an extended period. 

The interior surface of a fibreglass pool can fade over time, but Gelcoat can be rejuvenated, thus giving the pool utterly new look. 

Construction Timeframe 

Homeowners are concerned with how long it will take to construct a pool. The length is determined by factors such as the size of the pool, the contractors’ experience, and the weather element when the construction is taking place.   

Echuca fibreglass swimming pool is the fastest to install. Based on the contractor, the construction process may take 3-6 weeks. Thus, when purchasing and recruiting pool installer, ensure that you have a fibreglass pool that is durable and easy to install.   

On the other hand, concrete pool is the longest to install because it takes 28 days to cure before completing the construction. The weather may also affect the length; thus, the installation can take 3-6 months. 

Pool Design  

Homeowners install pools in their home for functional purposes, to boost the aesthetic value of their exterior and enhance the value of their property. The reason why you considered an Echuca fibreglass swimming pool is because it has a unique appearance. It has built-in seats and steps; still, you can add unique coping lighting, hot tub and water features. 

Therefore, fibreglass pool allows customization, and if you have extra dollars to spend on decking and various pool finishes, then you will end up with a sophisticated and classy pool. 

Size and Shape 

The size and shape of the pool is another factor that most homeowners consider because they want to install a structure that makes the most sense for them and one that fits well in their yard. 

The size of the pool affects its appearance, the activities you can do in the water as well as the accessories you can incorporate. 

The shape of the pools is also another vital factor to consider. Homeowners have different preferences for some opt for linear while others go for curves.  

Echuca fibreglass swimming pools have limited options in term of sizes and shapes because they are factory-made. Thus, it’s not possible to alter the size and shape of the pool; however, you can add accessories to bolster the appearance.   

Hiring Reputable Pool Contractor 

A pool installer can make or break the entire installation process. It’s not only the manufacturer of the pool that determines the longevity of the pool but also the contractor plays a vital role in this factor.  An experienced contractor can install a low-quality pool and stand behind it even when it fails. However, a poor contractor will poorly install a perfect pool and abandon it to you.   

Thus, although there is little difference between Echuca fibreglass swimming pools available in the market, there is a lot of variations in terms of contractors’ skills and experience. Thus, you have to be careful for it’s critical to hire a qualified pool installation professional.   

Further, you need to have a basic understanding of the fibreglass pools, their installation and maintenance process so that you can be able to differentiate a quality installation from a shady job during the ground preparation. 

Echuca Fiberglass Swimming Pool Benefits

Pool tiling job done in Echuca with fiberglass pool
  • Fibreglass pools are easy to install and rarely affected by the weather during installation. For instance, hot temperatures or rain may affect the actual curing process. At the same time, install a vinyl liner pool at a specific temperature to avoid wrinkles. However, Echuca fibreglass swimming pool installation is not dependent on temperature. 
  • It’s an easy-to-maintain pool because of its algae and stain resistance. The pool doesn’t have a high demand for chemicals to maintain the pH.  
  • A fibreglass pool is available in different colours but narrow shape and size; however, you can customize the structure to bolster its appearance.  
  • The pool is durable, and you can refinish the interior when it fades, thus improving its lifespan. 

Echuca Pool Service is an experienced pool contractor. The team of experts can install your fibreglass pool within a short period and accessorize it to boost its functionality and appearance. You can contact these experts for a quote and more information. Contact us at 0491 768 707 or email us at for more information.

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