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About Our Business

smiling man posing next to Echuca pool

We started this company years ago when we were having pool troubles of our own. We realized we had never read our own manual and had no idea of the equipment in our pool shed. That being said, after several hours of reading and listening to experts, we were able to diagnose our own pool problems and get it back to safe, healthy condition. There we realized, by doing so, we had learnt so much about pools and their never ending needs. With all the work required, a pool is still such a joy to have in your family. The amount times we were able to create memories, share weekend barbeques or enjoy an evening get together around the pool were simply priceless. We have designed a system to allow you to enjoy all the good your pool has to offer while we simply take care of all the dirty and time consuming stuff.

We are all about our customers and seeing the smiles on their faces as they enjoy their pool. Our mission is to allow everyone in our community to safely enjoy their pool together with friends and family while not having to worry about the maintenance involved. We have invested heavily in equipping ourselves with all the appropriate resources to handle the needs of thousand of pools. Our team members come from all different backgrounds but share one thing in common, we love what we do and we do what we love. Pools are our passion and servicing them is our duty. Contact our team of professionals