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Echuca Pool Service

Echuca Pool Service


    Our team at Echuca Pool Service welcomes you to our online environment. We want to make this a simple and straightforward for anyone inquiring or wanting to learn more about our business. We provide an extensive list of the designated services that we currently offer. However, we also offer other customizable tremendous value offers for our community and clients. We hope you find this website easy to navigate and simple for whatever it is you might be looking for. Should you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to get into with our team.


    Hello and Welcome! We are excited to have our business online for your ease of use. We are the leading pool service provider in Echuca. Our hope is that we provide everything you are looking for and more. Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service while delivering above and beyond value for our clients and business partners. We urge you to become familiar with our website, ask questions and get in touch with us!

    Keeping your pool clean and neat is an essential thing in winter as it is in warmer seasons. Echuca pools, we look at the general process towards keeping your pool clean, as well as pool safety standards and features. Pool maintenance over the cooler parts of the year can prevent the growth of microorganisms, causing illness. With Echuca pool s you will be able to spot any problem as they happen and avoid a lot of cleaning when hot weather comes back.

    While the pool is not in use, it is essential to keep it clean and ensure security measures are in place. Echuca pools insist on keeping your pool safe and usable throughout because if you want a great pool, you must keep it clean. But keeping it clean is something that needs to be done regularly. However, you need to proper care and maintenance for your pool. Echuca pool is the perfect option for you.

    Let's look at some of the services offered by Echuca pools.

    About Us

    Our business started many years ago with a passion to serve the people of our community while working in an industry we are obsessed with. We love the smiles on our client’s faces when we are able to facilitate them in all their pool servicing needs. For our team, a pool is more than a body of water. It is a communal place for friends and family to create memories and share these long-lasting memories for years to come. We want our community to know that their pools are safe and cared for. We care for our clients like we do our very own pools. Safety and transparency are of utmost importance to our team.

    If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.


    At Echuca Pool Service, we have always made it a point to be transparent and customer-centric. This means our customer is the centre of everything we do. We innovate and evolve the value proposition for our customer. As pool technology is rapidly changing, we too, need to adopt an adaptive mentality. We must take on the responsibility to advance our own services and technology on behalf of our community. During our time within the pool industry, we have listened to our customers and learnt from our mistakes. We have carefully and deliberately designed efficient systems around our services to deliver an effective, affordable and timely service for all our customers.

    Check out our blog for useful pool related tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

    Echuca pool maintenance job done with cleaner doing pool cleaning

    Pool Maintenance

    It is a privilege to own a pool. Our customers have worked hard to earn a beautiful pool within their property. Therefore we understand the care and investment you have made to provide a safe haven of fun and memories for your family. Which is exactly why we take our jobs so seriously. If pool maintenance is not done properly, you potential jeopardize the safety of the people swimming in the pool. We actively monitor all chemical balances, intake outtake flows as well as water filters. All pools require maintenance regardless of location or size. A pool is an intricate set of technology and materials to deliver a safe space to enjoy. Allow our team to educate you on the advantages of using our service to simplify your life and ensure a safe, swimmable pool.

    Echuca pool cleaning job done

    Do you have a swimming pool at your home? Keeping it clean is an ideal thing to prevent microorganisms, causing illness from breeding in your pool. That is where Echuca pools services come in to provide cleaning with more than just fun to prolong your time in your pool.  We will help you in maintaining the inner and outer parts of your pool. Echuca'svast experience in the maintenance of the pool will help you save money and time. We understand the need to test water quality and balance pool. Our in-depth knowledge is our great courage to serve you. Echuca pool service will help your pool in all seasons. Other aspects that we do consider during maintenance include


    An Echuca pool is concerned with the state of your pool following a significant impact on the surrounding climate. Cleaning will require chemicals and a lot of energy to clean. But that is not our primary concern. We are interested in cleansing your pool to make it comfortable when using it. Echuca pools, we don't want your pool to become a home breeding for bacteria. We will offer a regular weekly cleaning involving brushing and vacuuming your pool and do the chemical treatment.


    Testing your pool is crucial, as it will let you know what your pool requires. Echuca pools recommend doing this 2-3 times a week for an accurate understanding of the entire requirement to keep your pool safe. Echuca pools knowthe science behind every pool. Our team knows how to make sure your pool is always clean. Our team will always keep it testing regardless of the season.


    When you have newly installed your pool, you need to understand the equipment, technology, and supplies that come along with the whole process. You need to install ladders, dive boards, and light. You need to accompany your pool with a pump, heater, chlorinator filters, a skimmer, and a pool return. All these are installed by only the Echuca pool service. Our team will cooperate in ensuring you have the perfect out of your pool.


    Echuca pool has been accepted by many because of the time it takes us to attend to your pool. Despite serving such a vast number of lakes in a week, we always serve our clients without minding the size, location, and general usage of the pool. We are here to maintain your pool, therefore, allow you to enjoy it fully.

    Echuca pool service done with cleaner doing pool vacuum

    Pool Cleaning

    During our time within the pool industry, our team of experienced professionals has been called to facilitate a range of different pool cleaning situations. Most of which are predetermined, regular routine maintenance. However should it be a one-off clean to get your pool back to peak shape, we also offer a hassle-free service for you. Our team provides an entire guide on educating our customers on pool maintenance and how you can implement pool cleaning on your own, should you choose to do so. Every pool has a pool house or back room that houses the intricate set of systems and technology that enable said pool to run effectively. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you keep your pool clean

    Echuca pool service, we offer pool cleaning service with the ultimate spirit to ensure your pool is clean and free of germs. Pools get dirt through collected debris and other windswept materials that find their way to the pool. We help our clients clean their pool by deployed a team of experts in pool clean from our organization. Our services are flexible such that we allow regular or one-time cleaning. Echuca pools service we offer the following services under pool cleaning


    Your poll pumps need regular cleaning as a way of maintaining durability and strength. It is essential when you prolong the life span of your pump.  Echuca pools service, we enjoy cleaning your pumps while you are at rest. Contact us soonest possible in case you feel your pump needs to be clean.

    Periodic cleaning

    Are you the kind of people, doesn't it like regular cleaning of your pool?  Are you the one who likes periodic pool cleaning? Then you are in the right place. We Echuca pool service, we offer flexible services to accommodate different clients. Make the right decision to contact for better and perfect periodic cleaning.


    Filters are of great use in our pool. Without filters, our pool would be messy and untouchable. Filters ensure water getting into the pool is clean. However, when filters aren't working or are worn out, definitely water get into the pool and become unfit for human use. Always get to contact us in case you need to repair your filters.    We know it is tiresome to the non-skilled individual. That is why we recommend hiring Echuca pools to service you better.

    Recurring cleaning

    Echuca pool service understands that summer id met for fun and not working on your pool when you should be having fun. Echuca pool service will clean your pool and give you enough time to rest and enjoy the environment in your pool. Recurring service is a service we provide to help keep your family free from germs and have fun in the pool. We all like swimming in clean and clear water, and this gives you the reason to contact Echuca pools service for professional recurring cleaning of your pool.

    My pool had turned color just before a family gathering and the guys at Echuca Pool Service were able to get my pool back to perfect shape and we enjoyed an amazing weekend together thanks to them!” – Matt L.

    Sand Filter Change

    Many pool owners are seldom aware of the cleaning or maintenance requirements that go into keeping a pool clean and safe or the understanding of what frequency-specific maintenance needs to be done. A sand filter utilizes sand to almost strain debris and dirt from the water of your pool. There will come a time where your filter has reached its full capacity. At this point, you must implement a proper backwash or sand filter change. Our team of experts can guide you on this process to determine when or how to change your sand filter. There are several tools and equipment required in changing a sand filter. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

    Echuca pool service done with top view swimming pool
    Echuca Pool Service done with patio swimming pool

    Sand filter change is the removal of the sand that has been smoothed by water such that it cannot filter anymore. Echuca pool provides such a service, and we are known for that. Echuca pool service, we will install the sand filter and give you a warrant of up to five years. What are the import ants of sand filters? They help in filtering water getting into the pool by making sure it doesn't contain any dirt. Water flows through the sand, and it can capture large particles that can't go through. If you realized that water in your pool is not clear, call Echuca pool service, we will come for your help.

    Some of the services under sand filter change


    With Echuca pool service, we guarantee you a span of up to five years with sand filters. However, even after the five years are over, not that sand stops filtration instantly, but it becomes less effective. So for the cleanness of your pool, we recommend that you maintain the timeline. We will change it professionally with our team of professionals.

    How does it work?

    The primary role of the sand is to remove any matter that may be flowing water to enhance the cleanness of your pool. You should not confuse the pump with the sand. You will be required to install both to enhance clearing water running. Echuca pools service, we urge our clients always to keep pool soil free and clear as this motivates the pool users during swimming.

    Too much sand

    With too much sand, it means that the sand bed will be above the point where the tank starts to taper,expecting it will act like a smaller filter that requires backwashing causing higher resistance to the flow. If the level of the sand goes high, it can result in getting back to the returns, and unfortunately, it can bring nasty results.  However, if it happens and most of the sand is taken in the filter system, there are repercussions. Echuca pools professional will help you in determining the quality of the sand needed to replace.

    During Water pool balancing, there is some chemistry going around your pool. Do you know your pool is mixed with chemicals that scale PH  that should stay within a specific scale to maintain health standards on your pool? Echuca pool water servicing ensures your waters alkaline, PH level, and sanitizer remain constant at the required levels for safety for your pool users.

    We are in a permanent move to equip our staff with the modern and current technique when it comes to pool water balancing. Our team is conversant with water balancing.


    What's alkalinity first of all? It is the fundamental solution with a PH value greater than 7. It is required by the Echuca team to keep your pool healthy. Echuca pool service experts recommend that 80-120 pm for acceptable results. Our experts have researched to show that when alkalinity levels are too high, the water turns to be cloudy, and some deposits can be noticed on the pool walls. If a low level of alkalinity is detected, it becomes a more significant challenge in raising the level of the PH   as the acidity of the water rises. The said acid is the one that destroys the equipment in and around the pool.


    As we have said earlier, we recommend the PH value of range between 7.4 to 7.6.PH in our pol balance the level of acid in our pool that affects equipment if not moderated. It causes corrosion and health problems; if the pool water is highly alkaline or necessary, the result is visible. Water turns cloudy and potential scaling on the pool surface and plumbing water. Keep your pool and its equipment safe under our care as the Echuca pool service team.


    Echuca pool service finds it that clients confuse sanitizing to shocking as they compose of the same chemical. But we always tell our clients that the difference is the use of the active compound. Echuca pool service uses a different chemical to sanitize water in your pool. Some of these chemicals include bromine, chlorine, and biguanide.

    Once your pool is sanitized, the Echuca pool service provider recommends that you leave it for at least 26hours before using it again. The sanitizing process neutralizes bacteria and stops the growth of illness-causing microorganisms. Our team is intending to use the most common and favourable sanitizer that chlorine in keeping it cools and safe.

    Pool shocking

    it is the process of adding chlorine in the pool to destroy bacterial and other illness-causing microorganisms. This is the most important and necessary process of purifying your pool for better health standards during swimming.

    Pool Water Balancing

    A truly clean, safe and well-maintained pool, is the balancing of all the chemical ingredients and tests required to maintain proper levels. Your pool can experience serious problems if levels are not balanced. Alkalinity or pH levels might be too high or possible the calcium hardness is too low. Should there be an indication of a chemical imbalance in your pool, problems may arise such as eye or skin irritation or even bacteria build up.

    Echuca Pool Service job done with pool water balancing

    “For anything pool related, these are the go to guys in Echuca! They know their stuff and are always upfront” – Todd H.

    Echuca Pool Service with regular pool servicing done cleaner under water vacuum

    Regular Pool Servicing

    A very popular and common service our team offers is the agreement to regularly service your pool on your behalf. We have all the systems, supplies and equipment to offer this service extremely affordable. We recommend this to anyone who does not have the time it takes to regularly provide your pool with the care it requires. Depending on the specific location of your pool, chemical levels may be imbalanced or bacteria may have build up. Regardless of the issue, our team has the resources needed to consistently ensure a safe and proper pool for you.

    Pools that are regularly serviced are not prone to bacteria living in as it is with ones that never receive regular servicing. To maintain and preserve your pool, you need to do regular servicing to your pool. Echuca pools, we are confident that the regular service will be of enormous help in keeping your pool safe and sound. We will keep the water balance if it has some disorder for you and address any other problem that might be coming in.

    Other services that you will find under regularly pool services include

    Water balanced.

    Water balancing is done through the following process. One is through sanitizing, shocking, and maintains PH   and alkalinity levels. The importance of themethods is to kill and eliminate all the bacteria and germs, making your pool safe for human use.

    Reduce hazards

    Regular pool service is expected to eliminate organic matters found in your pool. With proper cleaning, there will be no bacteria that would make the pool not safe for use by humans. Echuca pool service, we will apply the right mechanism to remove ant concentrated matter that would create an environment for the mosquito to breed.

    Maintaining the value of the pool

    Echuca pool service understands the efforts and resource put in place in ensuring your pool stand. This way, we always urge our clients to seek for an expert who will maintain their pool without them losing value. Some of the things that will make your pool deteriorate in worth include imbalance pools. The cost and the process of repairing your pool are expensive. Hire Echuca pool service to maintain the value of your pool.


    Echuca poll service will keep the cleanliness of your pool by keeping off the bacteria through the balancing process. We will ensure the hygiene is held at higher standards to keep your guests happy and comfortable during the swimming time. We will offer both periodical and regular cleaning as we will agree. We shall customize the process to suit your needs every other time.

    Echuca Pool service done with pool cleaning equipment tools

    Equipment Service
    And Repairs

    Our team also provides a service and repair department to cater to any of your immediate or timely requests. We have repairmen who are able to respond to a call and schedule in a time to come visit you. We are able to fully diagnose your equipment and provide detailed information on its service or repair.

    Another service that always accompanies other professional service is the repair of equipment and maintenance. We have trained and equipped a team with the required and relevant skills in equipment repair and maintenance. We acknowledge that equipmentis vital, and if something goes against your wish, we promise to ail our team to attend to your needs. Our team walks with prominent tools should there be a need. Echuca pool service we aim to be proactive when handling our customers. But in case of anything, our team will ensure thejob is done promptly.


    Echuca pool service gives its views on the belief that there are chemicals used in our pools that are better than others. No chemicalis more critical than the rest.  We refer to them as the composition of working systems that can work together to deliver the intended purpose. Consequently, chlorination has a vital role in the cleaning process. Chlorine acts as a sanitizer to the water in an orderly manner. Our team does this with the help of a table or stick to make it diffuse throughout the water slowly. Echuca pool team has all the equipment to bring to an end all the problems using chlorine as a sanitizer.

     Pool pumps

    These are found in your pool shed or back room. The pool pump consists of the general electric motor, a diffuser, filter, and impeller the whole process of how the pump works is a nightmare but not with Echuca team. We have the process on our figure tips. We will explain it to you like we are behind the manufacturing of the pump.  In case your pump is malfunctioning, there is a need to replace it with the Echuca pool service for perfect service.


    Echuca pool service teamcan carry the task of different kinds. We are professional in repairing diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge, and sand systems effectively and efficiently. However, expensive equipment is, it gets some mechanical problems. Should any of your equipment experience any mechanical problem, never hesitate to call Echuca pool services. Keep your filter in working order for the health and safety of your pool.

    Pool heating

    There is an extra piece of machine fitted in the heated pools to regulate the temperature of the lake. The process is complicated and may cause a breakdown of the device. Echuca pool service, we encourage the regular cleaning service of your pool heating system to enhance its efficiency and use less energy in heating your pool. We will offer a cleaning service for your heating machine so that you have power and make it last longer. Call us today in case you want to consult or hire our pump heating system repair.

    “I really do appreciate the customer service team at Echuca Pool Service. They walked me thru an entire process of balancing my pool levels after their repaired my water tank” – Michelle D.

    Contact Us Today

    ​Our teams are the leading experts in the Echuca and surrounding area when it comes to everything pools. We have years of experience and the resources necessary to provide solutions for you in a timely and affordable manner.  You can contact us at our phone number below or by email.